A Tax Credit to Help Seniors Stay at Home Safely

Publié le 23 February 2021, 5:02 PM

Close up headshot portrait of smiling mature man sitting on a couch at home.

Did you know? The Government of Quebec offers an Independent living tax credit for seniors. This measure includes refunds for certain essential expenses such as aLife Responsesubscription.


The elderly person must live in Quebec and be aged 70 years or older on December 31 of the tax year to claim this credit. To be covered, the purchase must be made by the senior themselves or their partner.


As stated on the Revenue Quebec website, this tax credit is equal to 20% of the total of the following expenses: expenses incurred for the purchase, lease or installation of eligible equipment or fixtures.”


The government agency enumerates the eligible expenses on its website, and the lease of a “person-centred remote monitoring device” and “personal GPS locator” are at the top of the list. Revenue Quebec even uses emergency devices with a “panic button” as an example of what is covered.


A fact worth noting: a senior must use those devices in their principal residence to benefit from the credit.


Life Response‘s medical alert systems, with fall detection and GPS tracking offered as options, are eligible for this provincial tax credit. Our subscriptions are reimbursed up to 20% of the total cost after the first 250 dollars.


Depending on their device, an elderly person who uses Life Response during one year could receive up to 80$ with this tax credit.


Visit our website to learn more about our medical alert systems.


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