Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

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Life Response is for anyone who could need emergency care: seniors, people who are ill or at risk for falling, people with reduced mobility, etc.

Some seniors are reluctant to use a medical alert device. Be understanding! Life Response could save your mother’s life, so express your worries and discuss the shame that is (wrongfully) associated with this type of device. According to the Public Health Agency of Canada, 20 to 30% of people aged 65 years and older fall every year. Sit down with your father and discuss the very real consequences of falls.

Of course! In fact, it’s a great gift idea! Many people are reluctant to get a medical alert device for themselves, but they are thankful when they receive one as a gift.

The Devices

Life Response devices should be tested once a month.

For our At-Home device, the battery is not rechargeable and must be replaced after about 5 years.

The battery of our Go models lasts up to 3 days, depending on usage. A blinking light and a vocal alert will notify you when it’s time to charge your pendant.

Our Go subscriptions include a GPS tracking feature which uses cellular coverage. This allows you to stay active with total freedom! The user can get in touch with our emergency response center at all times, regardless of his location. Emergency contacts can also locate their loved ones using a mobile app on their phone.

The pendant must have access to cellular coverage in Canada for the GPS tracking feature to work.

All our pendants are waterproof. We recommend that you wear it at all times, even in the shower.

If the person does not answer the phone after a fall or after pushing the emergency button, the emergency contacts are immediately notified. Depending on the situation, emergency services will also be dispatched.

For the At-Home device, simply hold down the pendant button for 8 seconds. For the Go device, just hold down the pendant button for 2 seconds.

Our advanced Fall Detection technology works thanks to a compact and modern sensor built in the Go All-In-One pendants.

With the At-Home package, the signal has a range of up to 200 meters or 650 feet, depending on your location. We recommend that you test the range of your device as soon as you receive it. Our Go subscriptions are ideal if you need more range, as they allow you to use your device anywhere as long as there is cellular coverage available (in Canada only).

No, our devices only work in Canada.

Our At-Home package does require a home phone line. For our Go packages, the cell phone line is built into the pendant, so no home phone line is required.

The Subscription

With our At-Home package, you may add a second pendant to your account for an additional $7 monthly fee. People wearing the pendants must live at the same location.

If you have the Go model, the Automatic Fall Detection feature (Go All-In-One) can be added to your package in just a few minutes. Contact us if you are interested!

All calls placed to our emergency response center are included in your package.

We offer a wide variety of packages that adapt to everyone’s needs. There are 3 advantageous monthly subscriptions to choose from, and our team will gladly help you make the right choice.

Our monthly and yearly subscriptions plans are non-binding and can be cancelled at any time for free.

To cancel your subscription, please contact us at 1-855-754-0028. Our return policy explains the procedure to return the equipment if you cancel your subscription.

Shipping is free! There are no additional costs for installation or activation.