Looking Out for an Elderly Relative Without Exerting Yourself With Life Response

Publié le 31 December 2020, 8:09 AM

As a person gets older, their health and safety become a concern. Even if your loved ones are still autonomous, you may no longer have complete peace of mind when they are by themselves. What are your options in this situation?


A Pandemic Marked by Isolation


When we have to take care of the kids and deal with errands, cooking and cleaning, it’s almost impossible to be in constant communication with our parents. However, this hectic lifestyle can cause lots of stress and affect your family relationships.


Since COVID-19 hit Quebec, older people have been even more isolated than usual. Because they are more at risk, they’ve been asked to reduce their social activities to a minimum. Having to respect the family bubble and social distancing measures makes it hard to spend time with a senior.


Online family reunions may be fun, but they probably won’t keep you from feeling guilty and worried about your elderly relatives. Despite the phone calls and occasional trips out of the house, how can you be certain that they are safe at all times? If your mother fell and needed emergency assistance, how would you know?


Life Response: The Perfect Protection for Your Loved Ones


Life Response is the solution! Life Response is a Canadian medical alert system that takes a load off your shoulders by protecting your relatives 24/7. 


Our devices are equipped with an emergency button that allows them to reach our emergency response team at any time of the day or night. If necessary, emergency services will be dispatched on-site and one of our agents will notify you of the situation.


Our packages – with no contract or hidden fees – offer the fall detection feature, which could prove essential if your father were to lose consciousness after a fall, for example. Our built-in tracking feature is also popular among our clients as it allows them to quickly locate a loved one if needed.


Generally speaking, seniors want to keep taking part in their favorite activities while living at home for as long as possible. Thanks to the simple yet reliable Life Response products, your relatives can feel safe and maintain a high level of independence.


Take Care of Your Parents (and Yourself!)


If you are taking care of your parents, Life Response is one of the many tools that are available to you and your family. The best way to approach aging is to constantly reassess the situation. 


Smiling mature mother and adult daughter on sofa in living room talking and drinking tea or coffee.


What do we suggest? Ask yourself the right questions, and do it often. Is your mother’s degree of autonomy still the same? Does your father need in-home nursing services now? Has his risk of falling increased considerably over the last months?


Honest communication with your older relatives is essential. If a decision needs to be made regarding their health and safety, include them in the conversation and emphasize the importance of compromise. When everyone acts in good faith, conflict resolution is much easier.


And remember! Even though this process takes a toll on your schedule and your plans for the future, remember to keep some time for yourself. It is common to neglect our own physical and mental health when taking care of a loved one. 


With Life Response, you finally have one less thing to worry about!


Visit our website to learn more about our medical alert devices.


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