Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions of use constitute the entire Agreement (“Agreement”) between the Customer (“Customer”) and Life Response (“Life Response”), provider of the Life Response medical alert system and all related products or services (“Service”). By subscribing to the Service, you accept the present terms and conditions of use.

The Customer confirms that he has read this contract, that he accepts the conditions attached to it and that periodic tests will be carried out to ensure the proper functioning of the device.

  1. SERVICE: Life Response provides a monthly subscription to a premium medical system alert. The Service includes equipment rental in accordance with the chosen subscription and a connection to the emergency response center, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Any equipment included with the chosen subscription is shipped to the Customer at no cost.
  2. Life Response cannot be held liable for any damage to the device or the Client’s equipment connected to it resulting from an accident, misuse, mishandling, neglect or modifications made by the Customer, the user or any other person.

    In the event of a malfunction of the equipment upon receipt, Life Response agrees to replace it free of charge.

    The Customer is responsible for the maintenance of the equipment. Repair costs resulting from damage done to the equipment due to an accident, neglect or any other reason are at the Customer’s expense.

    The Customer may not relocate the rental equipment without first notifying Life Response in writing.

    It is the Customer’s responsibility to maintain a current emergency contact list.

  3. DURATION OF SERVICE: Life Response is a non-contractual service. The Service is effective from the activation date to the date of cancellation of the Service. The subscription is automatically renewed every month unless the Customer makes a cancellation request.
  4. SERVICE CANCELLATION: The Customer may cancel their subscription at any time by filling a cancellation form, which they can request by calling 1-833-910-2772 or by contacting customer service by email at [email protected] The cancellation of the Service will take effect at the date mentioned on the cancellation form. All excess payments will be reimbursed to the Customer in accordance with the billing cycle and cancellation date.
  5. Equipment returns must be made within 30 days of the cancellation date, or the credit card associated with the Customer’s account will be charged for the value of the equipment. The procedure for returning equipment is communicated following the cancellation request. Please also see our Return Policy.

  6. PAYMENT: The Customer agrees to pay the monthly fees and all taxes related to their chosen subscription. Life Response agrees to inform the Customer of the applicable fees (including taxes) before the first billing cycle. Recurring payments shall be pre-authorized by the Customer at the time of subscription.
  7. Payments must be made on time every month before receiving the Service. Life Response is authorized to charge the fees to the credit card provided by the Customer at the time of subscription. The Customer must notify Life Response of any changes to the payment information.

    Fees and taxes may change on the subscription renewal date if the Customer changes his subscription, if Life Response informs the Customer of an annual fee increase or if required by law.

    In the event that the Customer defaults on any payment on the due dates stipulated in this Agreement or in subsequent agreements, or if the Customer is declared bankrupt, Life Response may cease the Service provided to the Customer upon giving a twenty-four (24) hours’ notice, without prejudice to Life Response’s right to collect any charges which may have incurred or may be incurred hereunder.

  8. LIFE RESPONSE’S COMMITMENT TO ITS CUSTOMERS AND END-USERS: Life Response is a reliable state-of-the-art emergency response system. The people behind the system are professionals, trained to be calm and courteous when responding to an emergency. Life Response is committed to making reasonable efforts to support all the end users of its Service.
  9. It is understood and agreed that Life Response is in no way an insurer and that the Customer may take out insurance if they wish to do so.

    The Customer agrees that Life Response shall not be liable for loss or damage, whether incurred directly or indirectly, following any event that the Service is supposed to detect or prevent or consequences arising therefrom.

    If Life Response were to be found liable for any loss or damage, its liability shall be limited to $250, which sum shall be paid and received as liquidated damages and not as a penalty, and this liability shall be exclusive. Under no circumstances shall Life Response be liable for any special, indirect or consequential damage. The provisions of this paragraph shall apply in the event that loss or damage, regardless of cause or origin, caused directly or indirectly to persons or property from the performance or non-performance of the obligations set forth by the terms of this Agreement or from negligence or fault on the part of Life Response, its agents or its employees.

  10. LEGAL LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: Agents of the emergency response center, Life Response and its directors, officers and employees cannot be held responsible for any consequences of any kind, including but not limited to:
    • An interruption of the Service caused by an act of nature (fire, flood, earthquake, storm, hurricane, natural disaster), a terrorist act, a power outage, a disruption of telephone or cellular services, or any other event outside of Life Response’s control;
    • Claims, actions, procedures, damages and losses resulting from errors or omissions in the personal information provided by the Customer;
    • Delays in the response time of emergency services or lack of response from local emergency services.
    • Damage of any kind, including property damage, bodily injury, loss of business or damage caused by or related to the equipment, its manufacture, installation, or operation.
  11. CUSTOMER’S RESPONSIBILITIES: The Customer must provide up-to-date payment information or the service shall be interrupted. The Customer must provide an up-to-date emergency contact list and an up-to-date health record for the end user. Any change to these forms must be communicated to Life Response so that the emergency response center can use the most recent information during an intervention.
  12. The Customer must follow the instructions included with the equipment to ensure that the equipment is properly installed. For any questions, Life Response’s customer service should be contacted. In the event of a system failure during periodic tests or at any other time, the Customer must notify customer service so that measures can be taken to resolve the situation. The Customer must also replace the equipment’s batteries at their own expense.

  13. TWO-WAY VOICE COMMUNICATION: Life Response receives signals emitted by the equipment via the end users’ telephone lines. The Customer must therefore ensure that they have a functional telephone line, otherwise, Life Response will be unable to provide the Service. If a technical problem disrupts the telephone line or if the line is busy, the Customer acknowledges that the intervention center will be unable to contact the end user using the equipment’s two-way communication system.
  14. ADVANCED FALL DETECTION: The Customer of this service accepts that it is impossible to ensure that 100% of falls will be detected by the system.
  15. FEES AND FINES: The Customer accepts that emergency services dispatched to the end user’s home following an intervention from our emergency contact center can use various means, including force, to enter and respond to the emergency. Under no circumstances shall Life Response be liable for damages arising from this intervention.
  16. DAMAGE DURING INTERVENTION: Following a false alarm, regardless of the reason for the trigger, the costs and/or taxes imposed by the fire department, paramedics or other services are the sole responsibility of the Customer or its insurer.
  17. RETURNS: Returns, whatever the reason, must be sent by mail to the following address: The Customer must return the equipment in its original packaging and the return will be at the Customer’s expense. Please also see our Return Policy.
  18. Life Response
    9494 Saint-Laurent Boulevard, Suite 1014
    Montreal, Quebec H2N 1P4

  19. TRANSFER OF AGREEMENT Life Response shall have the right to assign the Agreement to any other person, firm or corporation without notice to the Customer. This Agreement cannot be transferred by the Customer, except upon prior written consent by Life Response.
  20. MISCELLANEOUS: The parties agree that this agreement be drawn up in English and accept that the laws of Quebec and Canada apply. All amounts expressed in this agreement are in Canadian dollars (CAD). This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between Life Response and the Customer. There are no verbal conditions or representations modifying any of the terms hereof.
  21. Please test your device every month.